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Buying a business

If you have recently come into some extra cash and are not sure where it should be invested, there is a large range of options available to you. Perhaps you can open a savings account, storing that money up for a future investment. You may want to take a loved one away for a once in a lifetime trip around the world! Alternatively, you might choose to treat yourself – splashing out a new car or property to give you some extra assets.

Another choice that you could make, is to buy a business. Although you might assume that many businesses that are up for a sale are struggling to make money, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes a business owner will just decide to sell, wanting to move on to a new enterprise. Buying a business can be a risky venture, but it can also be one the best purchases that you will ever make, provided that you do so with a team of professionals who know what they are looking at.

Location Locator are industry experts in helping people spend money on purchasing existing companies. We work on a consultancy basis, scouting the existing range of businesses within the UK – looking at investment opportunities for people willing to take the risk. Right now, we have opportunities in virtually all areas of the UK; opportunities which can open doors and make the right person a lot of money! Do not delay, contact us today, and you can begin to reap the rewards of an existing business that just requires a little bit of extra financial input.

Buying a business

If you are considering buying a business, why not sign up for a free account with us. When you register, we ask you to complete a number of details, including your preferred area of location, and the type of business that you already have experience in working (or which you would like to work with). Once we receive these details, we can view our database of businesses for sale to see if there are any available within your preferred location. If there is a match, we notify you immediately – via your preferred method of contact.

Our recently launched app enables you to keep up with developments whenever you are able. Simply download the app, and log in using the details that you used to register for an online account. Having done so, you will receive notifications directly to your mobile device, enabling you to get the best deal when it arrives.

When you register, we prefer to meet with you, rather than email or speaking on the telephone. A quick (free, no obligation) meeting enables us to understand your personality, and helps us to gain further information about the type of company suited to you. We regularly meet Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors from a variety of companies around the UK, and the personality of some of these sellers very often suits the personality of the potential buyer. Therefore, it is not only industry type that we match with your requirements, but the seller that you might choose to do business with. Very often, this is actually a more effective match, because buying a business means that you have to be able to trust the seller completely. In the past, we have matched buyers with sellers and even known arrangements to be made whereby both parties become partners of the organisation.

Even if you are only considering your options, we would still recommend that you register for free on our website. When you are ready to seriously look at buying a business, you can make your account ‘live’ through the portal, and we can then start sending you deals. When the ‘live’ box is unticked, you can still search manually – giving yourself an idea of the costs that you can expect to pay.

Selling a business

If you are looking to sell a business, we would also like to hear from you. Our large database puts us in a strong position, to advertise your company to potential buyers. When you register as a seller on our website, we will make arrangements to come and visit you, to see what a general business day consists of, and get a feel for the company culture. We will need to know the reason that you are selling the business, so that our buyers are aware of the company’s condition when they are made aware of who you are.

We do not charge a fee to any of the people who are selling their business to us. We are there, purely to act as agents for the good of the buyer. If we were to accept a fee from you, it could be seen as a sign that we are prioritising your business ahead of others. As the service to you is completely free, why not get in touch with us immediately? We can then begin to make arrangements for advertising your business to potential buyers by visiting our website.

Financing options

Buying a new business is often a costly transaction, as you will need to take into account factors such as ‘goodwill’ in addition to the value of the company. However, there are ways of sourcing extra funding to enable you to afford a new business. If you are as successful as you aim to be, your business profits will soon cover the costs that you spent on the initial purchase. Bank loans, medium term loans and short term loans can all be used to help source the purchase of a new business.